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Baptisms ~ French Church at New Rochelle, New York 1702 ~ 1712


1702/3 March 9 - Henri Streing, son of Daniel Streing and Charlote Streing, born Feb. 27, 1 702/3. Sponsors, Jean David Jr., and Clorinde Streing.

1702/3 March 14 - Judith Lauran, daughter of Jean and Marie Lauran, born March 10, 1702/3. Sponsors, Pierre Ladou and Judith Renau.

1703 March 28 - Abraham Frehet, son of Isaac Frehet and Mercy [Blomer], born Feb. 21, 1702/3. Sponsors, Guillaume Le Conti and _____ Maho [Mahault].

1703 April 11 - Jeane Magdelaine Many, daughter of Jean and Jeane Many, born March, 1702/3. Sponsors, Jacques Balereau and Madelene Fillieux. Baptized in the church.

1703 April 15 - Jeane Bonet, daughter of Daniel and Jeane Bonet, born April 9, 1703. Sponsors, Estiene Lavigne and Isabelle Lavigne. Baptized at home because of illness.

1703 May 2 - Jaques Perot, son of Jaques and Marie Perot, born April 15, 1703. Sponsors, father and mother. Baptized in the church.

1703 May 2 - Isabelle Simon, daughter of Pierre Simon, born the 12th of _____. Sponsors, Pierre Parcot and _____ Gion. Baptized in the church.

1703 June 13 - Thomas Smith, son of Jean and Guierke Smith, born May 31, 1703. Sponsors, Daniel Sicar and Catherine Sicar. Baptized in the church.

1703 July 26 - Elizabeth Ogtden, daughter of and Elizabeth Ogtden, born January 3, 1702/3. Sponsors, father and mother. Baptized in the church.

1703 July 26 - Frederic Schurman, son of Jean Schurman and Anne Schurman, born June 6, 1703. Sponsors, father and mother. Baptized in the church.

1703 August 1 - Catherine Mebe, daughter of Gaspar and Elizabeth Mebe, born June 14, 1703. Sponsors, Gaspar Mebe, his father, and Marie Simon. Baptized in the church.

1703 _____ 29 - Bellequie, daughter of William and Bellequie Kerk, born June 28, 1703.

1703 October 25 - Esther, daughter of Jacques and Jeanne Berjeau, born October 18, 1703. Sponsors, Daniel Giraud and Thomasse Guyon.

1703 December 28 - Susanne Marie, daughter of Pierre and Jeane Valeau, born December 2, 1703. Sponsors, Josia Le Vilain and Susanne Valeau. Baptized in the church.

1703/4 January 23 - Susanne Sicart, daughter of Jaques and Anne Sicart, born January 14, 1703/4. Sponsors, Jean Coutan and Jeane Sicart. Baptized in the church.

1703/4 January 30 - Elizabeth Cantin, daughter of Isaac and Francoise Cantin, born January 17, 1703/4. Sponsors, Daniel Sanson and Elizabeth Lavigne. Baptized in the church.

1703/4 January 30 - Marthe Ladou, daughter of Pierre and Marthe Ladou, born January 18, 1703/4. Sponsors, Jean Lauran and Francoise Parcot. Baptized in the church.

1704 April 2 - Marthe, daughter of Elie de Bonrepos, born February 4 last. Sponsors, Colonel Caleb Heatcote and Mad. Heatcote.

1704 May 21 - Zacharie, son of Zazarie and Marye Langevin, born March 13. Sponsors, father and mother.

1704 June 18 - Madelaine Parcot, daughter of Pierre and Francoise Parcot, born May 15, 1704. Sponsors, Jean Vincent and Jeane Gendron.

1704 September 17 - Marie Willam, aged about 25 years, baptized in the church, before the congregation after the first service.

1704 September 17 - Anne Lounsbery, wife of Jean Lounsberi, living in the parish of Rye, aged about 26 years, also a child Isaac, aged eleven months. Sponsors, the father and Thomasse Gion. Baptized in the church.

1704 December 3 - Mariane Sicart, daughter of Ambroise and Jeane Sicart, born October 4, 1704. Sponsors, Jean Neuville and Anne Sicart. Baptized in the church.

1704 December 10 - Pierre, son of Guillaume and Marguerit LeConte, born July 25 last. Sponsors, Philipe Cazier and Marie Vergeraud.

1704 December 10 - Marie Elizabeth, daughter of Pierre and Marie Vergeraud, born April 7 last. Sponsors, Guillaume LeConte and Elizabeth LeBerton.

1704/5 January 1 - Catherine Sicard, daughter of Daniel and Catherine Sicard, born October 10 last. Sponsors, Daniel Giraud and Suzanne Coutant.

1704/5 February 4 - Jean, son of Jean and Catherine Bouyer, born January 23. Sponsors, Louis Guion and Marie Fourestier.

1704/5 February 12 - Jeane Gougeon, daughter of Gregoire and Renee Gougeon, born December 29, 1704. Sponsors, Pierre Valeau and Jeane LeVilain. Baptized in the church.

1705 April 15 - Elizabeth Madelaine Flandreau, daughter of Jaques and Elizabeth Flandreau, inhabitants of New Rochelle, born February 26, 1705. Sponsors, Isaac Mercier and Madlaine Bondet. Baptized in the church.

1705 May 3 - Susanne, daughter of Daniel and Madelaine Sanson, living in New Rochelle, born April 17, 1705. Sponsors, Isaak Cantin and Jeane Giraud.

1705 May 6 - The following were received as Elders of the church: Pierre Valeau, Ambroise Sicart and Daniel Giraud.

1705 May 20 - Anne Guerin, daughter of Etiene and Susanne Guerin, born April 24, 1705. Sponsors, Daniel Sicart and Anne Martin.

1705 August 30 - Ambrose Ladou, son of Pierre and Marthe Ladou, born August 10. Baptized at the house of his parents in the presence of several witnesses. Sponsors, Ambrose and Jeane Sicard. The sponsors are to take the child to the church on the 4th of September and have him enrolled after the lecture of the evening.

1709 November 6 - Susanne Cantin, daughter of Isaak and Francoise Cantin, born October 20, 1709. Sponsors, Daniel Blondeau and Judith Lamouraux. Baptized in the church.

1709/10 January 8 - Jean Bonet, son of Daniel and Jeane Bonet, born December 11, 1709. Baptized in the church.

1709/10 February 7 - A young Negro [torn], Doctor Neufville, aged about 5 years. He has been named Jaques.

1709/10 February 19 - Anne Martin, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne Martin, born February 4, 1709/10. Sponsors, Pierre Bretain and Anne Bretain.

1710 April 16 - Susanne Bertin, daughter of Pierre and Anne Bertin, born March 15, 1 7 10. Sponsors, Daniel Blonde [au] and Madelaine Bertin.

1710 December 22 - In the house of Daniel Sicart, a sick child, aged about 3 weeks, named Isaak. Sponsors, Daniel and Caterine Sicart, father and mother.

1710/11 March 4 - Mariane Cantin, daughter of Isaak and Francoise Cantin of New Rochelle, born the 7th F[ebruary?], 1710/11. Sponsors, Josias Neufville and Mariane Marchant.

1710/11 March 18 - William Palmer, son of Obadia and Anna Marguerit Palmer, born September 12, 17 10. Sponsors, Elias and Ester Debonrepos. Baptized in the church.

1711 March 25 - Having been called by Marie Broun, seriously ill, for consolation, I baptized her at her request. I also baptized at the same time three of six children - Lidie, aged about 11 years; Jacob, aged about 5 years, and Thomas, aged 7 months. Her husband died about 8 months ago. The said Marie Broun died the 27th of the same month and year above and was buried in our Cemetery the 28th. We also buried the same day Pierre Boisseau.

1711 April 29 - Susanne Martin, daughter of Pierre and Jeane Martin, born April 8, 1711. Sponsors, Jean Jun and Susanne Colier. Baptized in the church.

1712 September 21 - Elizabeth Naudin, daughter of Andre and Susanne Naudin, born August 17, 17 12. Sponsors, Josiah Neufville and Marguerit Angevin. Baptized in the church.

1712 August 15 - Jean Valeau, son of Pierre and Magdalaine Valeau, born August 14, 1712. Sponsors, Esaie Valeau and Elizabeth Fau [torn]. I was called for the baptism by the relatives on account of the weakness of the child.

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Source: Stories from Early New York History, by Sherman Williams, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906


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