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Laight Street Baptist Church Marriages 1841-1850


The Laight Street Baptist Church was formed from the Tabernacle Baptist Church in 1842. The Rev. W. W. Everts became pastor of the Tabernacle Church in 1839 and went with the new Congregation in forming the Laight Street Church which purchased the edifice formerly occupied by Presbyterians, corner Laight and Varick Streets. The following is the record of marriages solemnized by the Rev. W. W. Everts 1841-1850.


January 3, James Vermelyea and Mary Ann Hall
January 12, Henry W. Henley and Anna Cook
February 9, James J. Burnet and Charlotte A. Bouton
February 14, Samuel S Couch and Ann J Johnson
March 16, Thomas H. Bridgewater and Susan
March 20, John Stone and Elizabeth Starbuck
April 1, George McLaine and Ann Taylor
April 15, Alpheus D. Baker and Teressa Riker
April 25, Edward Luff and Ann Ladd
May 14, James Cooper and Susan Eagleson
May 20, James Mallon and Margaret Ann Reid
June 6, Frederick S. Lynch and Rebecca Leffingwell
June 10, William Ray and Sarah Cromwell
July 1, Charles L. White, & Catherine Hallenbeck
July 4, Wm Henry Smith & Miss Jane Seymour
July 4, Frederick Battin & Jane Elisabeth Webb
July 22, Mr Jeremiah C. Thompson & Miss Elmira Strong
September 18, Josef Dreymooiz & Miss Lucy Ann Rice
September 19, Mr. William Henry Clark & Jane Emslie
September 29, John Fairchild & Martha Wilson
October 3, Mr. Joseph Malony & Mrs. Abigail Harper
October 7, Henry Freeman & Mary B. Bangs
October 7, Louis Lesbroussart & Britania Gregory
October 13, Daniel Lowall & Miss Louisa Eagleson
October 18, George Jacob Brower & Miss Laura E. Porter
October 28, Robert Kaseby & Clarissa Gerau
October 28, Ambrowse W. Barnes & Elizabeth Littell
November 4, Wm. H. Slosson & Elizabeth Purdy
November 14, Septemus H. Parker & Caroline A. Drake
November 28, Wm. C. Pest & Charlotte Lynasen
November 28, Benjamin Brundidge & Mahetta T. Lynasen
December 6, Philander P. G. Finn & Sarah Leonora Halsey
January 1, Robert Rennie & Mary Donaldson
January 13, Alexander Alger & Christiana Cellen


February 26, Mr Joseph T. Webster & Harriet B. Wood
April __, _____ Mapleston & Homes
May 10, Causby H. Cochran & Melissa Champney
May 16, Charles Voght & Sarah W. Pine
May 17, Abraham W. Gallaer & Leatitia Cook
July 2, Jacob Houghwout and Mrs. Eliza Payne
July 13, Charles Carroll & Eliza Jane Youngs
July 20, James Aspel & Nancy Right
August 1, W. E. Laurin & An. Eliza Peck
August 2, James Stewart & Mary Ann Chanfrau
August 5, May G. Smith & Mary Euphemia Vail
November 2, E. C. Galasha & Julia Jessup
November 16, Charles Bidwel & Miss Rowe
_____, Andrew Mc Cormick & Elizabeth E. Rider
_____, John P. Maxon & Sarah Ann Worral
December 1, Wm. Turner & Adelia Griffin
December 10, Aaren F. Hunt & Mary D. Sousbury
December 21, Matthias Rothforth & Sally Mills


January 26, Wm. A. Rose & Charity Osborn
March 22, Wm B. Pierce & Harriet N. Talman
March 23, Charles R. Waring & Anna Condit
March 29, James Irving & Margaret Leisk
May 9, C. J. Mason & Lavina Viele
May 9, Thadeus Hyatt & Emeline Wimans
May 15, John Darlington Banker & Elizabeth Williams
June 29, John Sharp & Martha Adams
July 23, Thomas C. Simester & Joanna Mcdonald
August 29, Allexander M. Scott & Cordelia Ellis
September 5, John Barker & Harriet E. Gray
September 7, Charles Dean & Jane Maria Wright
October 31, Langdon Wilson & Lucia Ann Brower
November 24, 1842 Wm Mason & Susanah Cook
November 28, Alanson Udell & Elizabeth French
December 13, Mr. James C. Harriot & Miss Catharine B. Nivin
On 14 December, John Pooley & Maria Reed
On 20 December, Peter Acker & Jane H. Phillips


January 2, Mr Benjamin A. Russell to Miss Mariette Spaulding
January 4, Longinus Henry to Mary McGiven
January 4, Sansom Shields to Margaret Ann Boggs
January 7, William Hepburn to Mary Ann Carey
January 23, Thomas Parker to Mary Thomas
March 10, Wm Plant to Adelia Parkerson
April 10, John W. Ritch & Susan Jane Peck
May 6, Robert Robinson to Frances Allison
May 8, Wm. Robins to Caroline M. Vanduser
May 12, Mr White to Miss Lydia A. Wood
May 16, Smith Codington to Mary L. Inman
Mr James Clark to Miss Smith
October 18, Charles Hunton to Mary Howard
December 14, Ross McGuire & Lilly Walker
December __, Mr. Decker to Elmira Enders


January 26, Mr. Joseph S. Garretson to Miss Juliet Egbert.
March 9, Mr. J. M. Titus to Miss S. J. West
March 20, James R. Cook & Letteran Mount
April 13, Samuel Blood to Emmeline Carman
April 14, George Nash to Matilda Overend
April 22, Archibald Nelson to Ellen McCall
May 9, Wm. Verbryck to Mary Ellen Youmans
May 9, Henry A. Darrin to Margaret M. Morgan
May 13, Mr. Skelhorn to Mrs. Stewart
May 18, Mr George R. Vanfossen to Miss Ann E. Gegraw
May 25, Joseph Deback to Eliza Egbert
May 31, Benjamin Haworth to Elizabeth Booth
July 1, Jacob Howard to Catharine Riker
July 15, Charles Meser to Maria White
July 30, Samuel Lee to Lois S. Emmons
August 4, Thomas Shaw to Allice Lithhust
August 2, John Denton & Hannah Smith
August 21, Foster N. Smith & Catharine Bullow
August 21, Thomas Tennent & Emily L. Smith
_______, David Wheeler & A. M. Whittier
September 2, Thomas A. Thorten & Mercy Ann Bartlett
September 9, Edward H. Crowthers & Caroline E. Smith
September 16, Thomas Baxby to Jane Smith
September 25, Theodore Bessen & Sarah L. Briggs of New York
September 29, George L. Allison & Mary Ellen Jaycox
October 14, Daniel Birdsall & Rachel M. Freeman
October 16, James Van Doren & Ann Maria Dibble
October 16, Milton Ely & Mary Jane Shafts
October 16, Abraham Dunham & Fanny Wood
October 21, George Hale to Minerva Borden
October 22, Mr Freeman Bloodgood to Matilda W. Smith
December 16, Mr. Jonathan J. Cornwell to Mrs. Elizabeth Stimis
December 23, Mr. Lyman Morse to Miss Isabella Cleaves
December 25, Mr John Peckham to Miss Hannah Barker
November 27. Mr. Yeets to Miss A. Brady


January 6, Mr Theodore Edgar to Miss Harriet Goodrich
January 1, Mr John Y. Willson to Miss Catharine Stalker of England
January 8, Nathaniel B. Dayton to Mrs. Margaret Gregory
January 15, Mr George Read to Miss Emmeline Howell
January 26, Mr. John M Heckle to Miss Ruth Cooley
February 11, Mr William Walker, to Miss Margaret Morton
February 14, Mr. Charles Hedges to Miss Sarah B. Beams
March 16, Mr. Caine to Miss
March 23, Mr. John O. Bush to Miss Abby A. Whiting
May 11, Rev. Isaac Fargo to Miss E. Chapman
May 18, Mr. Thomas A. Young to Miss Henrietta Conrad
May 28, Mr. Jos. McNeal to Miss Martha Maria Wingate
June 7, Mr. Jahiel C. Wygant to Miss Elizabeth Truex
June 3, Mr. J. H. Gordon to Miss Charlotte Whittemore
June 11, Mr. James Monroe to Miss Olive W. Burnham
June 15, Mr W. T. McIntire to Miss H. Huyler
July 22, Mr Henry C. Stacey to Miss Mary C. Hall
July 25, Mr James Fairman to Miss Mary Jane Hamilton
July 29, Mr Emilius Austin to Miss Martha Maybury
August 2, Mr. Thomas Carman to Miss Ann Howard
August 28, Mr B. Franklin Pease to Miss Helene M. Kirchoff
September 2, Mr. James Parker to Miss Harriet V. Barnsdall
September 3, Mr. Jos. White to Miss Margaret Gillaspy
September 17, Mr Stephen Reed to Mrs. Jane Woodward
November 11, Albert Bremholm to Esther Ford
November 11, Charles Thomas to Rosanna Matteson
December 6, Mr Henry D. Butler to Miss Elizabeth Hallett
December 24, Luke K. Carman & Sarah H. Ferris


January 7, Lucian F. Sarlton to Louisa French
February 4, Mr Henry Law to Miss Amelia Enders
February 18, Mr Charles Klett, to Miss Sabra Calista Harris
February 24, Mr. Beverly R. Hasbrook to Miss Elsey Buick
March 6, C. Walter Colburn to Mary A. Collie
March 11, Elijah Tompkins to Abby A. Van Yorks
March 17, Mr Green to Miss Loomis
April 15, Mr William Rowe to Miss Cordelia M. Bidwell
April 25, Mr John E. Packer, to Miss Sophia A. Schoonmaker
May __, Miss Catharine Ackerman to Mr John Porcher
May __, Mr Outwater to Miss Violetta Olmstead
June 29, Charles F. Deral to Susan C. Tripp
July 1, Adam Forrest to Jane Inglis
July 15, John Brown Lawrie to Lilias Patterson
July 28, Cornelius White to Mary Banta
August 29, John L. Geile to Catharine Meara
about September, Capt. James Sherman to Miss Rachel Lake
October 19, Mr Benjamin W. Peck, to Miss Isabella Grenville
October 20, Mr W. B. Minor to Miss Jane Barnes
October 25, Edward Kirk to Wilmarth Dean
November 2, Mr John Cammet to Miss Susan F. Frost
November 29, John Renlonrig Pollock to Alice Jane Wilson
December 13, Elon G. Minor & Phebe Ketchum


January 12, Samuel Marriott & Eliza Hall
January 20, Mr Bliss to a lady of Brooklyn, friends of Mr Sheffield, record lost
February 13, Mr Obadiah Gerau to Miss Rachel A. Crawford
February 17, Wm Nelmes Nicholson to Miss Hannah Harper
April 8, Barclay Perine & Mary M. Bampton
April 10, _____ Garlic &
April 11, Richard N. Keeler & Ellen Dillon
April 18, Franklin S. Hale & Elizabeth Knight
May 1848 Eli W. Perry to Sarah A. Lyon
May 14, John Griffin to Caroline Booth
May 10, Samuel P. Everts to A. P. Smith
May 23, Benjamin L. Vale to Amanda Ruland
April Mr Bassett to Miss Richards
June 6, Cornelius P. Myers to Catharine K. Clark
July 4, Mr John J. Lewis & Miss Mary E. Jones
July 11, Mr Samuel Dewey to Miss Cecelia Tanner
July 19, Mr John Barrett to Miss Margaret L. Boerem
John Hunter Miss Janette Butler
August 7, Mr Joel Gaylord and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett
September 4, Daniel Sinns & Rachael J. Blauvelt
September 5, Erastus Miller & Harriet N. Barthelemew
September 20, Richard V. Carpenter to Ellen Herring.
September 27, Pascal Loomis to C. Van Nostrand
October 17, W. V. N. Livingston & Eliza Van Wyck
November 7, Mr Harris to Miss Matilda Stanniels
December 17, Mr Reed to Miss P. A. Mundy


February 1, Mr Edward Skinner to Miss C. A. Duckels
February 1, Mr Leon Oliver to Miss Frances Rider.
March 8, Mr John Chadeayne & Mary Pell
March 13, Mr. Terry & Elleanor J. Gardner
April 3, David Owens & Jane E. Jevens
April 8, Michael Donehue & Ann Elizabeth Thurston
April 5, Robert Foulds Jr. & Matilda Sheppard
April 30, Ferris A. Barker & Gertrude Wood
May 3, John W. Ritch & Susan J. Clark
May 3, Francis W. Hartly & Elizabeth Ann Terry
May 19, Charles W. Bryant to Mary A. Riley
June 5, Mr Jean Laukota to Miss Mary Ann Herrick
June 11, Elias H. Wood & Angelina Requa
July 2, Ibrahim Main to Catharine Close


June 6, Mr C. E. Brown to Miss M. E. Everts.
June 7 Mr Piste to Miss Mc Clafferty
June 22 Aldred D. Hollasy to M. J. Capstey
June 27 Alexander W. Stewart to H. F. Miller
July 10 Mr Sam' H. Cornell to Eliza C. Smith
July 22 Mr. _____ _____ & Miss Prothier
July 31, Albert W. Adams to Elizabeth A. Lecount
August 3, Pedro Moreno, Rebecca Leslie
September 25, Charles Lewis, to Mary Twombley
October 4, Zachariah Butcher to Louisa Puttock
October 5, Charles Sparks to Caroline Sinclair
October 16, Mr William Harris to Miss Maria Leach

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Source: New York Historical Society, Quarterly Bulletin, Volume V, April 1921-January 1922


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