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Marriages ~ French Church at New Rochelle, New York 1703 - 1711


The following marriages and baptisms of the French Church at New Rochelle, N. Y., were performed by Rev. Daniel Bondet, 1703-17 12. The translations from the French were made by A. J. Wall from the original manuscript in possession of this Society, and now published for the first time. The spellings of the names are printed just as they appear, and in some instances vary somewhat from the present day form.

1703 May 3 - Guillaume Le Conte and Marguerte Manhomay, by license of his Excellency Lord Cornbury. Married at New Rochelle.

1703 June 6 - Jean Boyer and Catherine Ariane after the publication of three announcements. Married in the church.

1703 June 25 - William Pingney and Thamax Pell, attended by their relatives and friends. Married in the church.

1703 November 13 - Jaques Flandreaw of Chataignerai, Poitou, France, and Elizabeth Boderit of Rye, England.

1705 May 20 - Pierre Bertin of Mortagne, Province of St. Onge, France, and Anne Borron of Rye, England. The said Bertin was attended by his mother and Theophite Forche, his stepfather, and Anne Boron was attended by the young Anne Gion. Married in the church.

1705 May 20 - Jean Jun of Cherveu [Cherveux], Poitou, France, and Jeane Bouquet of Soubise, St. Onge, France. Attended by Isaac Quantin. Married in the church.

1705 June 10 - Andre Naudin and Susanne Devaux. Andre Naudin was attended by his father, Andre Naudin, and Susanne Deveaux by her father and mother, Frederic and Ester Deveaux. Married in the church.

1709 October 19 - Alexandre Reseg [Resseguire] and Sara Bondecou, and Daniel Bondecou and Mariane Machet. By license of Lieutenant Gov. Richard Englodby. Married at New Rochelle in the presence of their relatives and other company.

1709 November 23 - Pierre Martin and Jeane Bouchet. Jean Jun presented the bride in the presence of her mother and other relatives and friends. Married in the church.

1709 December 13 - Jonatan Roger and Sibille Sands. By license of Lieutenant Engoldsbe, attended by their relatives, in the presence of several other witnesses.

1709/10 February 7 - Elie Peltreau and Jeane Many, at the house of the bride, in the presence of several relatives and friends. By license.

1710 December 9 - Jean Sorin and Jeane Forche. Married in the church. Theophie Forche presented his daughter to Jean Sorin in the presence of several persons assembled in the church.

1711 January 1 - Samuel Readen and Sara Schurman. Married in the church in the presence of their relatives and other company, announcements having been made on three consecutive Sundays.

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Source: Stories from Early New York History, by Sherman Williams, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906


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