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Revolutionary Officers In The New York State Line


The following list of Revolutionary Officers, New York State Line, was compiled for the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New York as a list of Revolutionary Officers whose descendants would be eligible for membership in that Society, and from whom no descendant has claimed the right. It is believed that among the members of this Society descendants of these men may be found who desire to submit their claims.

Arendt, Colonel Henry Leonard Philip, Baron de
Adams, Surgeon William
Allen, Lieutenant Stephen
Ailing, Lieutenant Stephen
Archbald, Lieutenant Edward
Ashton, Sergeant John
Banks, Commissary John
Barber, Colonel William
Barclay, Colonel Hugh
Barr, Lieutenant John
Barrett, Lieutenant James
Bateman, Adjutant John
Beardsley, Surgeon Mate Gershom
Belknap, Captain John
Benson, Lieutenant Colonel Robert
Betts, Lieutenant James
Bevier, Captain Philip Du Bois
Birdsall, Lieutenant Daniel
Blackley, Lieutenant John
Bogardus, Lieutenant Benjamin
Bogart, Surgeon Mate Nicholas N.
Bowen, Captain Prentice
Brindley, Lieutenant Francis
Brown, Lieutenant John
Bull, Captain William
Burnett, Major Robert
Burnside, Lieutenant John
Campbell, Colonel Donald
Campbell, Surgeon Jabez
Carlevan, Lieutenant Andrew
Cebra, Lieutenant William
Cheeseman, Captain Jacob
Concklin, Lieutenant Silvanus
Conine, Captain-Lieutenant Philip
Conyngham, Surgeon Mate Cornelius
Cook, Ensign Ezekiel
Cooke, Surgeon Samuel
Copp, Captain John
Cronin, Captain Patrick
Cutting, Apothecary John Brown
Cuyler, Deputy Commissary Jacob
Davis, Major John
De Peyster, Ensign W. W.
De Witt, Major Thomas
Diefendorf, Captain Henry
Dodge, Captain-Lieutenant Henry
Drake, Captain Joshua
Du Bois, Colonel Lewis
Dusenbury, Major John
Elsworth, Captain Peter
English, Lieutenant Samuel
Evans, Chaplain Israel
Finck, Major Andrew
Fisk, Lieutenant Isaac
French, Captain Abner
Garnett, Surgeon Mate William
Gates, Ensign John
Gildersleeve, Lieutenant Finch
Glenny, Lieutenant William
Godwin, Captain Henry
Griffing, Ensign Stephen
Hanson, Captain Dirck
Hardenbergh, Captain John L.
Haviland, Surgeon Ebenezer
Hicks, Captain Benjamin
Hoogland, Captain Jeronimus
Hughes, Commissary Hugh
Hughes, Captain Timothy
Hunt, Quarter-Master David
Jackson, Lieutenant Patten
Johnson, Captain John
Johnson, Captain William
Keyser, Lieutenant John, Jr.
Kirkland, Chaplain Samuel
Lawrence, Lieutenant Oliver
Livingston, Captain Abraham
Livingston, Captain Gilbert James
Livingston, Colonel James
Livingston, Lieutenant Robert H.
Loisiau, Captain Augustin
McArthur, Lieutenant Alexander
McClaughry, Lieutenant John
McCracken, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph
McCrea, Surgeon Stephen
McCune, Captain William
McKean, Captain Robert
Mackinson, Lieutenant James
McNair, Lieutenant James
Mason, Chaplain John
Maxwell, Lieutenant Anthony
Meade, Surgeon William
Miles, Captain-Lieutenant John
Mills, Captain Daniel
Montgomery, General Richard
Monty, Lieutenant Francis
Morris, Major Jacob
Morris, Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis
Mott, Lieutenant Ebenezer
Mott, Captain Gershom
Moulton, Captain William
Muller, Captain Jeremiah Christopher
Munday, Lieutenant William
Neely, Captain Abraham
Nichols, Lieutenant Isaac
Nicholson, Maj. George Chadine
Nicholson, Lieutenant Thomas
Nottingham, Captain William
Oliver, Lieutenant Richard
Ostrander, Lieutenant John
Parsons, Commissary Eli
Pawling, Colonel Albert
Peck, Lieutenant Hiel
Pendleton, Lieutenant Solomon
Post, Captain Anthony
Post, Commissary John
Provost, Paymaster Robert
Reed, Surgeon Thomas
Riker, Captain Abraham
Robicheau (also Robicheux), Captain James
Rosekrans, Major James
Rutan, Lieutenant Peter
Sackett, Captain Samuel
Salisbury, Captain-Lieutenant Barent Staats
Sanford, Captain William
Schuyler, Surgeon Nicholas
Schuyler, Ensign Richard
Sherwood, Captain Adiel
Sherwood, Lieutenant Isaac
Smith, Surgeon Isaac
Spoor, Ensign John
Staats, Lieutenant Garret
Stevenson, Surgeon John
Stockton, Surgeon Benjamin B.
Swartout, Lieutenant Henry
Tappan, Lieutenant Peter
Tearse, Major Peter B.
Ten Eyck, Lieutenant Abraham
Ten Eyck, Captain-Lieutenant John DeP.
Thompson, Captain-Lieutenant Thomas
Titus, Captain Jonathan
Treat, Surgeon Malachi
Treat, Captain-Lieutenant Samuel
Tuthill, Lieutenant Azariah
Van Benschoten, Lieutenant Peter
Van Ingen, Surgeon Dirck
Van Rensselaer, Captain Peter
Van Valkenburgh, Lieutenant Bartholomew Jacob
Van Veghten, Lieutenant Tobias
Van Wagenen, Lieutenant Garret H.
Van Woert, Captain Isaac
Van Wyck, Captain Abraham
Vergereau, Lieutenant Peter
Visscher, Lieutenant-Colonel John
Vosburgh, Lieutenant Peter Isaac
Waring, Captain-Lieutenant Henry
Welp, Lieutenant Anthony
Willard, Surgeon Elias
Williams, Surgeon Bedford
Williams, Lieutenant Henry Abraham
Wilson, Lieutenant Alexander
Woodruff, Surgeon Henloch
Woodruff, Surgeon-Mate Samuel
Wool, Captain Isaiah
Woolsey, Lieutenant Melancthon Lloyd
Wright, Captain Robert
Wynkoop, Captain Jacobus
Young, Captain Guy
Young, Surgeon Joseph

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Source: The New York Historical Society, Quarterly Bulletin, Volume 1, April 1917.


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