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 Freedmen Inhabiting Southampton, 1649


A List of the Freemen inhabiting the Towne of Southampton, March ye 8th, 1649:*

Edw. Howell, Gent.
John Gosmer, Gent.
John Moore
Rich. Odell, Gent.
Tho. Halsey
John Howell
William Browne
John Coop[er]
Tho. Sayres
Job Sayres
Edward Johnes
Josiah Stanborough
Tho. Talmage
Rich. Smith
Rich. Barrett
John White

A list of all the townsmen, May the 10th, 1649

1. Mr. [Edward] Howell
2. Mr. John] Gosmer
3. Mr. 'Thurston] Raynor
4. Mr. [Richard] Odell
5. Thomas Halsey
6. John Howell
7. John Coop[er]
8. Thomas Cooper
9. Thomas Sayer
10. Jobe Sayer
11. Edward Jones
12. Josiah Stanborough
13. Thomas Talmage
14. Samuell Dayton
15. Thomas Vayle
16. Richard Poste
17. Thomas Hildreth
18. Henry Pearson
19. John White
20. Ellis Cooke
21. Isake Willman
22. Richard Barrett
23. Richard Smyth
24. Thomas Burnett
25. George Wode
26. John Jesepp
27. William Rogers
28. William Browne
29. Robert Merwin
This list appears to include only the heads of families, and probably those only who payed (paid) taxes on real estate.

*We have studiously copied the old lists in each of the following," Verbatim et Litteratim?

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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