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Southampton, Suffolk County New York


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What's New In Southampton<New>
Villages and Hamlets Southampton, Suffolk County, New York
Residents Early and Present (includes many names)
Southampton Plots 1  2  3  4  5  6 (Present and Past owners)

Military of Southampton, Suffolk County, New York 1776
New Yorkers Enlisting in New Jersey, 1865 and 1714

County Records<New>
Southampton Births
Southampton Deaths
Southampton Marriages

Southampton Burying Grounds (all old stones)

Census and Names Lists<New>
Freedmen Inhabiting Southampton, 1649
Seabonac Division, February 1, 1655
List of Inhabitants of North Sea, 1668
List of Southampton, New York Residents, 1657
Mecox Laid Out to Inhabitants, 1680
Estimate of the Town of Southampton, 1683 (Polls Lists)
Southampton Census, 1686
Inhabitants of North Sea, 1687

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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