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 List of Southampton, New York Residents, 1657


This is found in the Town Records, and begins at the south end of the town on the east side of the Main Street, and goes north to the end, then returning southwards on the west side, and finally taking the eastern men and those of North Sea. Please Read

Begins South end of town, east side of Main Street

1. Joseph. Rainer
2. Ri. Howell
3. Xto Foster
4. Joseph Foster
5. Edw. Howell
6. Jon Jessup
7. Tho. Goldsmith
8. Ri. Barrett
9. Tho. Topping
10. James Herrick
11. Isaak Willman
12. Ensign [Zerubbabel] Philips
13. Henr Pierson
14. Obadiah Rogers
15. Left. [Joseph] Post
16. Tho. Burnett
17. John Woodruff
18. John Foster
19. Jonas Bowre [or Bower]
20. Robt. Woolley
21. Mr. [James] Hampton
22. Joshua Barnes
23. John Bishop
24. Dan. Sayre
25. Francis Sayre

West Side, Main St

26. Mr. Laughton [John]
27. John Jagger
28. Wm Russell
29. Sam Johnes
30. Isaack Halsey

Up the Hill
31. Ben. Davis
32. Corn. Voncke
33. John Coop[er]

West Side Main Street again

34. John White
35. T. Cooper
36. T. Sayre
37. Edmund Howell
38. Mr. Fordham [Rev. Robert]
39. Joseph Fordham
40. Mr. John Howell
41. Tho. Halsey
42. Jon[athan] Raynor

Eastern Men

43. Tho. Halsey Jr.
44. Ben. Foster
45. Hen. Ludlam
46. Anthony [Ludlam]
47. Ellis Cooke
48. Arthur] Howell
49. John Tapping
50. Peregrine Stan[brough]
51. Josiah [Stanbrough]

North Sea Men

52. John Rose
53. Xto Lupton
54. George Harris
55. Ri. Smith
56. Charles Sturmy
57. Sam Clarke
58. Tho Shaw
59. Ben. Haines
60. Mr. Jennings
61. John Davis

After laying out the land in Seabonac into forty-one lots, they were taken up by the proprietors according to their several interests in the undivided land as follows by the Record.

Note. It is quite possible that Thomas Halsey, Jr., should complete the list of men on west side of Main Street.

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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