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These records are gathered chiefly from the Town Records

Key to Records
b = born, d = died and daughter, s = son, w = wife, ch = children

 Records by Date

Daniel Poster m Lydia Wood, May 23, 1710.

Jeremiah Culver m 2nd w Damaris d of Joseph Foster died Dec 9 1714.

David Haines m Abigail daughter of Christopher Foster Apr 25 1717.

Samuel Jones Jr. m Hannah d of Christo. Foster Oct 20 1715.

Thomas Reed m Sarah d of Isaac Cory May 30, 1704.

John Jessup was married June 16 1669.

Thomas James was married Sept 2 1669.

John Wheeler was married Dec 9 1669.

John Post was married Nov 3 1670.

Job Sayre m Sarah Oct 27 1670.

Richard Woodhull of Brookhaven m Temperance Topping Nov 20 1684.

Thomas Baker of E Hampton m Ann Topping April 29, 1686.

John Laughton m Sarah Conkling of Southold July 28 1680.

Benoni Flint m Mary Browne d of William B June 10 1675.

Lot Burnett m Phebe Mills Oct 20 1675.

John Howell Jr. m Martha White June 12 1673.

Samuel Whitehead m Mary Cooper Sept 12 1682.

Josiah Halsey m Sarah Topping Sept 12 1678.

John Earle m Sarah Raynor Nov 1678.

Obadiah Rogers Jr. m Sarah Howell Dec 20 1683.

Thomas Jessup m Mary Williams Nov 23 1683.

Jonas Bower m Ruth Howell Apr 12 1686.

Joseph Hildreth m Hannah Jessup Sept 11 1678.

Job Sayre m 2nd w Widow Hannah Howell, June 18 1685.

John Larrison m Jemima Halsey May 22 1683, also he m 2nd w Widow Mary Howell Dec 20 1686.

Joseph Marshall m Elizabeth Howell March 18 1674.

Jon Campbell m Sar'h Hakelton d of Obad'h Rogers Mar 9 1687.

Samuel Whitehead m Joanah Beebe Oct 24 1869.

Isaac Halsey m Abigail Howell Nov 28 1689.

Joseph Fordham married Mary Maltby Dec 5 1689.

John Howell Jr. m Widow Mary Taylor Jan 30, 1690.

Rev. Jabez Wakeman of East Jersey m Eunice d of Matthew Howell Sept 29 1702. He died and she m Joseph Talcot of Hartford Connecticut June 26 1706. 

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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