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New Yorkers Enlisting in New Jersey, 1665 and 1714


Another colony, strongly represented by Southampton and East Hampton families, was that of Achter Kol or Feversham or Elizabethtown, New Jersey, which settlement had successively all of these names. Among the inhabitants who took the oath of allegiance in Elizabethtown in 1665, February 19, and again about 1714, were the following:*


Bob. Bond
Joseph Bond
Caleb Carwithy
Benj. Conklin
John Haynes
David Ogden
John Ogden, Jr.
John Ogden, Sr.
Jonathan Ogden
William Oliver
Jeremy Osborne
Joseph Osborne
Thomas Pope
Benj. Price
Moses Tomson
Thos. Tomson
Isaac Whitehead
Jonas Wood
John Woodrofe


Francis Barber
Caleb Carwithy
Will. Oliver
Joseph Osborne
Stephen Osborne
Richard Painter
John Pope
Joseph Sayre
Jonas Wood

About the year 1800 another emigration went out from Southampton to Montrose, Pennsylvania. Bartlett Haines or Hinds, originally from Boston, but from Southampton, in 1800 married Agnes, the widow of Isaac Post, and removed with her and her two sons, Isaac and David Post, to what is now Montrose, then a wilderness. Both of these boys lived to rear families themselves, whose descendants now live there.

Among others, Daniel Poster, Ichabod Halsey and David Harris went there about the same time. Isaac P. Foster removed there in 1811. Austin Howell, William Foster, Francis Fordham and Abraham Fordham in 1812.

Benjamin Sayre, a native of Southampton, went to Montrose from Cairo, New York, with his wife Priscilla and six children about this time also.

Judge William Jessup, born June 21, 1797, graduate of Yale 1815, married 1820 to Amanda Harris, emigrated there later. He died September 11, 1868, honored alike in church and State.

New York Annex
The names of such as have cottages here, or are understood to have such erected soon

Mrs. David Babcock
Francis M. Bacon
A. H. Barney
Charles T. Barney
F. B. Beckwith, M.D.
C. Wyllys Betts
Frederic H. Betts
Judge John R. Brady
A. T. Bricher
Nehemiah B. Cook
Duncan Cryder
Miss Julia Chalmers
Leon D. De Bost
James G. Duer
Mrs. Henrietta W. Fondey
J. B. Gemmill
Sidney S. Harris
Judge Henry B. Howland
Edward H. Kendall
Mrs. D. T. Kennedy
Judge J. T. Kilbreth
J. Bowers Lee
Henry A. Lewis
Messrs. Lombard
Ayres, Watermill
George F. Lough
J. Lawrence McKeever
Thos. M. Markoe, M. D.
Edward S. Meade
Edward Mitchell
U. A. Murdock
Mrs. Emily F. Nelson
Arthur J. Peabody
Senator J. Hampden Bobb
Elihu Root
Eugene B. Sanger
Mrs. C. N. Schermerhorn
George B. Schieffelin
Richard L. Schieffelin
Louis P. Siebert
Mrs. Susanne A. Steers
G. H. Studwell
John A. Stuart
General Wager Swayne
T. Gaillard Thomas, M. D.
Mrs. Chas. De Kay Townsend
J. R. Townsend
Salem H. Wales
Miss Wheelwright
Wm. H. Wickam
James H. Young

The following have become identified with the village by spending their summers there with their families

H. M. Bishop
T. B. Bowring
R. H. Derby
F. A. Dwight
William Greenough
William S. Hoyt
J. C. Jackson
Edward H. Moeran
James F. Ruggles
Russell Sage
Mrs. Morgan Smith

  Soldiers in the Slave Holders' Rebellion

The repeated demand for men to fill the armies and sustain the cause of freedom during the war of the Slaveholders' Rebellion, from 1861 to 1865, were met in a patriotic spirit by the people of Southampton. Her quotas were always promptly filled, either by her own sons or by substitutes which her wealth procured, as was customary throughout the country.

The limits of this work will not permit a detailed list of the soldiers who served in this war, but a copy taken from the original returns of the census of 1865, now deposited in the New York State Library, will be deposited in the office of the town clerk at Southampton. This list shows that from the first election district, including that portion of Sag Harbor lying in the town, were sent forty-one soldiers. From the second district, Bridgehampton, fifty soldiers. From the third, Southampton village, thirty-one soldiers. From the fourth, including Groodground, etc., twenty-nine. From the fifth or westernmost district, eleven soldiers. Total, 162. Besides these the town procured a large number of substitutes.

* Hatfield's Hist, of Elizabeth, pp. 56, 57.

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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