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 Seabonac Division, Southampton, 1655


A List of Inhabitants of Seabonac Division, 1655

1. Richard Barret
2. Thomas Sayre
3. Mr. Fordham
4. Mr. Odell
5. Mr. Johnes
6. John White
7. Obadiah Rogers
8. Edward Howell, 100, and Mr. Stanborough in Right of Thomas Pope, a fifty
9. Joshua Barnes 100, and John Bishop, a fifty
10. John Lum 100, and Mr. Edward Howell, fifty
11. John Jessup 100, and John Cooper, Jr., fifty
12. Mr. Rogers 100, and Bartho. Smith fifty
13. Thomas Halsey
14. Ellis Cooke 100, John Jagger fifty
15. Joseph Rainer 100 Mr. Rainer fifty
16. Thomas Burnett 100, John Howell 50
17. Geo. Wood 100, Widdow Briggs fifty
18. Mr. Fordham
19. Mr. Smith [Richard]
20. John Howell
21. Mr. Rainer [Thurston]
22. Thomas Hildreth 100, Mr. Hampton fifty
23. Isack Willman 100, William Paine, 50
24. Henry Pierson, 100
25. Richard Post 100, Tho. Sayre fifty
26. Tho. Goldsmith 100, John Oldfield fifty
27. Christopher Foster
28. Thos. Hallsey
29. Jonas Wood
30. John Cooper, Sr
31. Mr. Feild 100, Isack Willman, 50
32. Sam: Dayton
33. Mr. Stanborough [Josiah]
34. Captaine Topping [Thos.]
35. Captaine Topping [Thos.]
36. Thomas Cooper
37. Mr. Howell [Edward]
38. Mr. Howell [Edward]
39. Mr. John Gosmer
40. Mr. John Gosmer
41. Mr. Gosmer 2/3 Jonas Bower for the other 1/3

A List of Inhabitants of North Sea, 1668

Samuel Clarke
Benjamin Haynes
John Rose
Joseph Lupton
John Davis
Thomas Shaw
Richard Smith
Jecomiah Scott
John Rose, Jr.
George Harris
James White
Samuel Cooper

List of Inhabitants of North Sea, 1668

John Jennings
Richard Smith
Deborah Scott
Samuel Clarke
Christopher Lupton
John Davis
George Harris
John Rose
Thomas Shaw
Benjamin Haines

The above list of inhabitants of North Sea in 1687, is taken from the Town Records.

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Source: Early History of Southampton, Long Island, New York, by George Rogers Howell, Second Edition, 1887.

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